Give viewers the most incredible experience.
We manage the production.

TV shows & productions

We create the setting for the content

Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer have all the equipment for TV shows and productions. We can supply sub-elements and make a complete set-up with cameras, lights, sound, decorations, production facilities and staff.

If you saw the two MGP broadcasts or Danmarksindsamlingen (the Denmark Collection) on DR in 2021, you saw lights and visuals provided by Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer. We were in charge of all the lights and LED screens in the studios. A couple of our technicians were involved, but DR’s own producers and technicians ran the show itself.

We have all conceivable equipment for TV productions, and we carry only the most in-demand technology. Therefore, we can meet the technical preferences of the most discerning TV producer, and all our equipment has been thoroughly tested so that unforeseen interruptions never occur.

We have contact with freelancers in TV production, so we can put together a professional team and make an entire TV production that meets the quality requirements of the TV stations.

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At Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer, you always get one contact person to help you through the project from idea to execution and evaluation. Contact us and find out more about our competencies in TV shows and productions