Light rental

We can put any event in the right light. Nothing is too small, and nothing is too big. We have lights and technology for everything from the small event in a local hall to a biggest stadium concert.

We can supply stage lights in all colour shades and sizes for concerts, conferences, festivals, TV shows, company events, theatre, musicals and much more. Our inventory of lighting equipment is so large that we never run out of options. Furthermore, we can put together different types of equipment, so we create precisely the effect you demand.

The right light production means everything to the atmosphere at your event. Lighting plays a big role at a conference, theatre performance and concert. Colour change is equal to mood change, and colours can, for example, help to emphasise the theme of a conference effectively. Even a small change in lighting can completely change the expression on the stage or in the hall.

We are happy to help you design the right lighting, and our experienced technicians can make sure that everything works throughout the event. We take the technical burden off your shoulders so that everything is in place, and you can concentrate fully on the content.

All our equipment is inspected and serviced after each and every rental. It is your guarantee that everything works as it should and complies with industry standards.

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Have a non-binding chat with us about light rental with our experienced team of lighting technicians who will help you get the right equipment for your next event. Contact us and let us put your event in the right light.