AV rental

We can make the sound and the visual effects play together optimally, whether it is a presentation at a small meeting, a general meeting or a large conference.

Most people are familiar with the experience where a presenter in the middle of a great presentation suddenly has to deal with a computer or a projector that does not work. Everyone drops the thread and giggles in the corners to counteract the slightly awkward situation. As a result, precious time is wasted, and the overall impression of the presentation is rarely as good as it could have been.

With an AV production by us, you are protected against that type of experience. We provide precisely the equipment for your event that you need, and our dedicated AV technicians make sure that everything works before it starts. Furthermore, we can deliver AV equipment from all recognised brands and use only AV technology of the highest quality.

The equipment consists of, among others, large screens and LED screens, projectors, screens, flat screens, etc., for screenings at a meeting, conference or on stage. A complete sound system is ensured with speaker systems and wireless microphones. We can also supply interactive solutions, video equipment, teaching sets of laptops, slide projectors, data projectors and congress microphone systems for very large assemblies.

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