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Festivals & music

We take ownership of the production

For Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer, festivals and music events are an absolute core competence. We have more than 30 years of experience in building stages, designing and delivering the entire set-up of light and sound so that artists and audiences get the optimal experience.

We cater for both the biggest events and the small town festivals. Our experience from concert events with names like James Taylor, Justin Bieber, Roger Waters, Elton John, Van Morrison and Sting also makes an impression in the professionalism that drives us to much smaller events.

We work with great dedication and commitment from the planning phase to execution. Safety and reliability are the starting points for delivering an end product that is borne by towering ambitions. We are professional nerds, but we are experienced in finding the best compromise when reality challenges the plan we had laid out. The crucial thing is that we are ready on time. And, yes, we are – every time.

We take ownership of the production, and we see ourselves as part of a larger chain, where all links play a significant role.

We are part of a committed community, and we do a lot to invest in the goodwill of the other professional groups we have to work with. For example, when power is laid, and sanitation is made for the lorry drivers so they can feel at home and make the first pot of coffee right after arrival, and in this way, they also have a greater desire to do that little extra so that everything can ultimately succeed as planned.

We only have A-equipment that is in demand by artists from all over the world. Should there be very special requirements that we do not have in stock, we can obtain it through our partners in Europe. Our team of stage builders, sound and light people have extensive experience from tours and festivals with world names at home and abroad.

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