Stage rental

We are today the Nordic region’s largest supplier of stages for large and small events. We get the main characters up to the right height so that everyone can see and hear optimally, and we manage everything from the small podium in a local hall to a large outdoor stage construction. We provide both the podium for a small conference and the stage for a big rock festival.

We have extensive experience and a large selection of stages. Our team of stage crews are committed, experienced and know exactly what your event requires in the way of stages and stage equipment.

We not only have ready-made, flexible stage constructions in stock, but we can also make custom constructions when there are special requirements and wishes to meet. We have, for instance, extensive experience in building stages on sloping ground, and in Norway, we built a stage over water.

We also offer rental of mobile stages in many different sizes. The solution is perfect when holding town, street or school parties because the stage is more or less ready for use when it is rolled into place.

When we rent out stages, all the essential stage equipment, such as cranes, rigging equipment, motors, carpets, stairs and racks, can, of course, also be provided. At Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer, you will find all the stage equipment you need for your event.

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Our experienced crew will help you find the perfect stage solution for your event. Contact us, so we can find the perfect set-up, and participants in the back row can see and hear everything.