Create the exhibition stand that everyone is talking about.
We help with advice and effects.

Trade fair & exhibitions

A trade fair stand in your own universe

We can supply lights, LED screens and sound so that your trade fair stand or exhibition attracts optimal attention.

Success at a trade show depends mainly on the ability to capture visitors’ attention. It can be done in many ways, but lighting, sound and AV equipment are essential aids to success.

We can make your trade fair stand different from the others, light it up (in both a literal and indirect sense) and contribute to the story you want to tell. With many years of experience from technical assistance for large conferences, TV productions and livestreaming, we can easily downsize our professionalism so that it works on a trade fair stand’s more limited square metres.

We can supply a few lights or an entire set-up with LED screens, AV technology, sound and lighting design. We can offer display systems for all types of trade fairs – from the furniture trade fair with elegant designer furniture to the industrial trade fair with raw pumps and valves. We find the perfect equipment that suits the design of your exhibition stand.

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