The technology must work optimally from start to finish.
We take responsibility.

Theatre & musicals

We provide the setting for your performance

Producers of theatrical performances and musicals know what technical equipment they need. Therefore, we can accommodate with most requests and deliver serviced quality equipment on time.
The success of a performance is highly dependent on the technology working as it should. Where other experiences in life do not necessarily get worse by something unforeseen, everything in a theatrical performance or musical must work entirely predictably and optimally from start to finish. There is absolutely no room for small interruptions here because it destroys the stage-created reality.
We take ownership and responsibility when we rent out equipment for performances. We use only the latest and best equipment, and every single light is part of a fixed service rotation. In addition, all equipment is inspected and tested after each rental, and the lights are taken out of rotation long before they approach the burning time the manufacturer says is critical.

We can deliver everything within light and sound, and we are also happy to advise and discuss if you want to achieve some effects and do not know how.
We only use the latest and most in-demand equipment, but if you have special wishes for vintage solutions, we have partners in Europe who can help with that. We know that special performances require special equipment, and we go to great lengths to accommodate your wishes.

Contact us for more details

We are happy to advise you about your next production. We can deliver the equipment ready for use, and our trained staff can make the systems ready for use on stage. Contact us today and have a theatrical talk with one of our experts in the field. Contact us.