Lighting is effective, beautiful, powerful,
and creates atmosphere and attention.

Outdoor & architecture

Let the light tell the story

Nordic Rentals and Konsertsystemer have built up solid experience in lighting buildings, installations, constructions and works of art. We are regular partners at the Copenhagen Light Festival, where we turn the artists’ wishes into reality.

In recent decades, it has become more common to use special lighting to bring attention to a new building, a cultural event or a work of art. An urban space can, for instance, completely change expression when colours and graphics wander across the building facades. With light, we can transform the setting into everything from inviting to dramatic.

We can do street art with projectors, creating one unified, wandering image on the front of a building. We can let the entire colour spectrum create mood changes on streets and alleys.

We can also set up LED screens that can show precisely what you want. We can do projection mapping, where, with a projector, we show photos/video on specific things, such as a car, a building or a statue.

We illuminate distinctive buildings with themed colours and graphics in connection with cultural events. When a museum, for example, has a new exhibition, light and effects can help remind people of the initiative. It is often far more effective than banners and traditional marketing.

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Our dedicated staff have extensive experience working with lighting effects, and they know exactly what equipment is best to solve a task. So let us help with your next outdoor or indoor event or urban space experience – contact us.