We get your livestreaming off the ground,
so the expression is professional.


Sometimes the quality is in the detail

Both the application and expectations for livestreaming are constantly evolving, and the 2020 Covid year really put a turbo on the development of the technologies behind it. We have many years of experience with livestreaming, and our experienced technicians closely follow new currents and trends in the field – just as we always have the latest technology at our disposal.

We can do a quick livestreaming with a low budget and a full-scale version reminiscent of an actual TV production.

Our extensive experience in areas such as sound, lighting and TV productions also makes our work with livestreaming particularly qualified. Most people can livestream from, for example, a conference, lecture or concert, but the art is to make the sound and video side beautiful and professional.

It’s a shame if the top of the speaker is yellow due to incorrect lighting, or the microphone is not sufficient so that viewers miss half of what is said. It’s also a shame if the background is dull and uninspiring if a few lights and a little decoration could have made all the difference.

We carefully match expectations to the production before we design it. What does it take to ensure precisely the expression you want? Can our standard cameras cover the need, or should we choose an actual broadcast solution? Is the data connection sufficient and open so that everything plays when we need it to? How much scenography should be designed, and what story do you want to tell?

We usually make livestreaming productions for our own web-based software solution, which all participants can easily and effortlessly access from a PC, smartphone or tablet and cast to a TV. All it needs is an URL and a password.

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